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When drainage is an issue with your driveway,
most times this can be easily corrected by raising the grade of the driveway,
or lowering the lawn where the water needs to go.

However, in some cases there just isn’t any low ground to work with,
and a dry well (or ballast pit) needs to be installed to accept water from the driveway. This is basically a large pit dug and lined with fabric, then filled with large rock (ballast), so that a drain installed in the driveway can be piped into it.

These are usually installed in the lawn next to driveway or in the driveway itself, depending on any underground utilities in the area. The pit itself is then covered with dirt and sod, or paved over, depending on where it is,
and a permanent drainage solution is then obtained,
with no real signs of the dry well being noticeable.

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