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I will happily provide you with a free estimate for your driveway paving job.
The only way to receive an estimate is to call my office and leave
the requested information on my machine, and I will usually return
your call personally that evening after work.

In the busy season, it may take an extra day, but I make it a point to return ALL calls. With that being said, please speak clearly and slowly, and repeat your PHONE #, the most important part of the message.

If you do not hear back from me, your message was most likely unclear,
so please try again. I do not ignore or dismiss any phone calls intentionally, but due to poor cell reception or other factors, some messages are just incoherent.

Also, I utilize Google Maps for most estimates if possible,
so your FULL ADDRESS is the 2nd most important factor,
with the house #, street name and town name most important.
This way, I can usually see a 1-2 year old STILL photo of your driveway on Google Maps Street View ( it is NOT a live picture !), and call you back with an immediate ball park quote for your job ( usually within $300 either way).
This way you will get a rough idea of the costs,
so instead of wondering “is it $3000 ? or is it $10,000 ?",
you will have good idea of the cost, within a few hundred dollars.

If you would like to move forward,
I will be happy to provide everything in writing to you, and put you on our schedule. This method works for about 75% of all my estimate calls, and
allows me to provide more people with a faster quote.

If you are able to measure your driveway and give me an idea of the
square footage or just the measurements, I can usually give you a more
exact price right on the phone with that information. If you call us for an estimate, I will do my very best to return your call promptly,
and make sure you are well served.

Thank you very much. Joe Connolly

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