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There are 2 options for repaving your driveway:
Resurfacing and Excavate & Replace.

Resurfacing is basically installing a 2”-2.5” layer of new hot asphalt
OVER the old driveway surface.

Some of the old driveway is removed at all set grades ( garage floors, walkways, sidewalks), so that the new surface can meet these areas evenly, and also to allow water to drain away properly at the garage area .

The grass edges are trimmed back, and all sunken and cracked areas are patched over with hot asphalt and compacted for uniform grade and to
solidify the old surface of driveway.

Then the driveway surface is repaved with 2”-2.5” of new hot asphalt
and compacted properly.

This option is usually ( but not always) less expensive than a replacement job, and most times is the best option for large driveways or very long driveways.

All driveways can be replaced, but not all can be resurfaced, due to existing slope limitations, tree root issues, or too many layers of asphalt already existing.

Most smaller jobs ( under 2000 square feet) that we do take ½ to 1 day,
larger jobs 1-2 days or longer, depending on size.

We will be happy to let you know if this option can work for you.

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