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The second option for repaving your driveway is called Excavate & Replace. Complete replacement of your driveway is recommended when it has become severely cracked, does not drain away from house properly, has significant tree root damage, or not enough remaining slope to raise driveway with resurface job. This is our most popular job and usually takes 1-2 days to complete.

First, we excavate your existing surface and create proper slope away from house/garage to insure water drains away properly.

Additional stone base is added to existing base of *crushed asphalt/modified stone from original driveway, as we recycle all materials as much as possible, and haul away whatever isn’t needed.

The new base ( 6”-8” desired) is then thoroughly compacted and repaved with 3.5’’ of new asphalt. Smaller driveways ( under 1200 square feet) are usually done in one day; larger ones may take 2 days or longer depending on the size. We will be happy to let you know if this is your best option.

* Because of weak soils predominant in our area, we utilize old asphalt as a sub-base under finer top base of stone, when possible, as this is much stronger than stone base alone and is more cost effective.

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